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 Syndicate Crime Mafia joins the Great Union

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Syndicate Crime Mafia joins the Great Union Empty
PostSubject: Syndicate Crime Mafia joins the Great Union   Syndicate Crime Mafia joins the Great Union I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 17, 2009 4:23 pm

Good News to everyone we are part of the Great Union. This is an alliance organization. We are in alliance with a group of strong alliances which will help us in war situations. Firstly, we are in a evaluation period meaning they are not yet giving out 100% of their data and information meaning we must not do anything bad to them. Remember treat them like you treat your family. Finally, Even though the Evaluation period ends we must still treat them the same way we treat each other.

One of the Great Union leaders, tatsuya which we must call him tatsuya-sama is going to be monitoring us. And he told us that as a family we must make ourselves stronger and remember we must invite as much people as possible as well to our Family.
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Syndicate Crime Mafia joins the Great Union
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