Syndicate Crime Mafia

We're a criminal organization on TNR and this is our forum.
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 Syndicate Crime Mafia

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PostSubject: Syndicate Crime Mafia   Syndicate Crime Mafia I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 5:50 pm

I'd like to welcome everyone who are new to the Syndicate Crime Mafia

This is a organization which has an aim to take down every village in TNR.

we dont call ourselves an organization or even a gang. we are a family. And as a family, we help each other n trust each other

we as a family has only one ally n thats the family. we arent like all other organizations who fight for their village. we fight for the family.

the only thing that must run in yur mind is if yur with us or against us!!

rules are...
1. no fighting or battling fellow family. the only form of fightin allowed is sparring
2. respect each other

if any one breaks these rules report it to me

allied w/ AKATSuki organization led by jimpaytix
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Syndicate Crime Mafia
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