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 The Official Guide for People Who Doesn't Know How to RP

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PostSubject: The Official Guide for People Who Doesn't Know How to RP   Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:11 pm

For those of you who doesn't know how to RP here's the official guide. Very Happy Alright, let's begin with the battle situation. The game master (me) would tell the players what is happening in the surroundings and the players have to use their imagination to make up a plot for their character's actions.

Let's say the game master says: "A man with a big beard lunges at player 1 attempting to punch him with his fist."
Player 1 would use his/her imagination to make a plot about how his/her character would react to the situation right now, so player might say: "Player 1 dodges the man's fist." or "I dodge the big man's fist."
And then the game master would decide what will happen next depending on his/her imagination and the players' actions.

In Battle Situations
Sometimes the game master would make the battle look like this:

Player 1
HP: 100
EP: 100

HP: 100
EP: 100

But in some situations, the game master will tell the players to use their imaginations to decide how to attack. For example, the game master would say: "Big man takes out a sword and stabs player 1 and player 2."
After that, player 1 might say: "Player 1 ignores the pain and punches big man in the face." player 2 might say: "Player 2 kicks big man in the belly and falls to the ground immediately due to lack of energy." If the game master decides that the players' actions are successful, he/she might say: "Big man is wounded and cannot fight anymore." and if their actions failed, the game master might say: "Big man grabs player 1 and squashes him."

Players will eventually meet in the game and 1 of them or both of them would declare a challenge, players will use their imaginations to determine their actions and the game master will decide if its successful or no.
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The Official Guide for People Who Doesn't Know How to RP
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