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 Cool New Classes In Main Game II: StarQuest

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Cool New Classes In Main Game II: StarQuest Empty
PostSubject: Cool New Classes In Main Game II: StarQuest   Cool New Classes In Main Game II: StarQuest I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 06, 2010 7:43 pm

Battlesuits are special types of armors that have weapons and shields equipped on them, they also have a flight ability where you can fly by activating the rocket jets installed in your boots.
HP: 500
PP: 500
Weapon 1: Power Punch
Weapon 2: Power Kick
Weapon 3: Machine Gun
Weapon 4: Gauntlet Blast
Weapon 5: Flight
Weapon 6: Air Strike

Dark Force User
Dark Force Users use the dark side of the Force.
HP: 100
FP: 100
Power 1: Force Push
Power 2: Force Pull
Power 3: Telekinesis
Power 4: Force Lightning
Power 5: Force Rage
Power 6: Force Destruction

Dark Lord
Dark Lords are the most evil and powerful beings in the universe.
HP: 1,000
DP: 1,000
Power 1: Telekinesis
Power 2: Teleportation
Power 3: Mind Control
Power 4: Dark Blast
Power 5: Time Travel
Power 6: Uncreate

More classes will be available soon.
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Cool New Classes In Main Game II: StarQuest
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